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Efficient Photography https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2018/4/efficient-photography Sunsetting behind the Javits CenterJacob Javits Convention Center at DuskJavits as sunsets across the Hudson River Of the many skills and abilities that I need to work on to improve my photography, becoming more efficient is my priority, if only to free-up time for improving the other skills. When I got seriously obsessed with photography, about five years ago, I was an awful one keeper for every hundred or so photos taken. Now I'm down to one for every ten or fifteen. My goal is one for every three.  I can't imagine shooting all keepers. But it would save immense amount of hard drive and time. What do you think is a reasonable goal? 

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Daylight Saving Time https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2018/3/daylight-saving-time Before the digital age it was very possible to be out of sync by an hour for a day or two after changing the time to or from DST. My Dad would be at the verge of panic prepping the household for the changing of the clocks, no less formal than the changing of the guard at Westminster Abbey (do they really change guards there?). Now with virtually every time keeping device (these were once called clocks if you do crossword puzzles (actually they were called clocks even if you don't do crossword puzzles)) connected to a master time keeping device (where do they keep that thing? Who winds it? What happens if it accidentally stops?) digitally, DST is no longer much of an issue. (Hell, can't they use digital security cameras and drones at Westminster Abbey and also get rid of the guards? Just asking.) The point is not to reminisce or complain about DST (or the guards at Westminster Abbey). The point is HOPE that winter is almost over and Spring will soon... ah...spring. But now the weatherman is predicting snow tomorrow and dashing my hope into a frozen pile of slush. I don't have any photos of frozen piles of slush (or clocks or Westminster Abbey), but I have a new photo of an old building in lower Manhattan. I'm too lazy to check, but I think it might be 56 Beaver Street. I don't really care one way or the other. It's the photo of it that i'm concerned with. Let me know if you like it. Just asking...

Daylight Saving Time

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I wondered what this was? https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2018/3/i-wondered-what-this-was I took this shot at the East entry to the Oculus at the World Trade Center site in NYC. When i saw what the camera captured, i couldn't figure out where the image came from since I couldn't find it with just my eye. The camera saw this grey beast sticking out of the wall of the building and my eye saw a white rib system as a decorative add to the wall and roof.  Santiago Calavatra, the architect, either planned this dichometric feature or it just happened. Either way... brilliant. BY the way, all this extraordinary design cost a whopping $3.7 BILLION (with a B). And this is great news. It shows that extraordinary design is worth the cost and is sometimes even supported by investors.

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Experimenting photography https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2018/1/experimenting-photography I have a business friend who is looking for photographs for his business to which the public has access and he wants me to think outside the box for ideas on what and how to photograph. I am experimenting with some macro photos, one of which is shown here. You may or may not recognize the photo as the human body, or a portion thereof, macro photographed but out of focus. The idea is to draw interest to the photo but make the viewer think he or she knows what it is. The photo can actually be one of several body parts and might be sensual. It's just a fun play on the image. I will let you know his reaction. Either way, I want to explore this little experiment to see if it has any appeal.

Body part with jewelryA macro photo of part of the human body with jewelry. Unfocused to create interest.

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Technology. Can't live with it... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2018/1/technology-cant-live-with-it but I would like to try. External hard drive has crashed again. Backed up on Carbonite and was in process of adding Dropbox. Then wham. 

Seagate service desk is assisting. Last time we were able to repair remotely. We will see, but for now, I can't access my almost all of my photos. 

On a happier note, Happy New Year to all. Hopefully, it will be a peaceful and rewarding year for mankind. Personally, I will start all over again to learn something new each day and accomplish more than I am capable of. (That should not be hard to do.)

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Now I am pissed... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/12/now-i-am-pissed I just spent 45 minutes writing a blog about the problems and frustrations of dealing with a high capacity (42 MP) camera and the load of storage required. Now it just disappeared and I'm pissed. So leave me alone. I don't want to play today. (Just kidding!).

Actually, I was kidding when I wrote I was just kidding. Come back later. I'll get over it.

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Urban Night Photography and Use of Available Light https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/12/urban-night-photography-and-use-of-available-light Shooting images in the city after or near dark without a tripod takes time and patience. You are always fighting movement blur, visual noise and underexposure, along with blow outs of bright lights which you almost always either need or they are just there. That's why I often take 5 to 15 photos to get the image I want. And this doesn't account for distortions from the wide angle lenses I favor. These must be managed. I suggest that beginners try a few shots on auto settings to see what the camera thinks the best settings should be. Study all the settings and then shoot a bunch of shots while adjusting each setting to see what happens. After taking a few hundred photos, you will be able to size up a scene or subject and instinctively adjust to what you want for a range of shots. Sounds like a lot of effort, and it is. But it works. You will never rely on your auto mode again because once you create the image you want, auto is not good enough.


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My photoshoot https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/12/my-photoshoot Yesterday afternoon, I was on the Upper East Side leaving a doc's office and carrying my Sony a7rii with only my 4.0/16-35 mm Zeiss lens. It was getting dark and this lens is not particularly sensitive to picking up dim light without my raising the ISO to as high as 16,000 to get a decent shutterspeed for handheld. But the air was clear and the weather was tolerable for December, so I decided to shoot some holiday decs while walking down 5th, 6th and 7th all the way to Penn Station. I surprised myself with some very clear and sharp photos (see them on my John Poblocki Facebook page since they are not in the genre of this website). The point is, this amazing camera and Lightroom software combine to create some very good photos. See for yourself. By the way, the best decs are at Rock Center and 1251 Avenue of the Americas. I shot 45 photos and developed ten as keepers.

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Metal prints https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/12/metal-prints For the style and presentation of my photography, metal prints produce the most dramatic effect achievable without backlighting. That, and the fact that metal is less expensive than acrylic, is the main reason I insist on metal prints on floating frames for my work. Paper prints cannot approach metal for visual impact. Metal: Best effect. Less expensive. I use three printing companies and will continue to look for the best quality for my photos.

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Let me help you pick the perfect gift https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/12/let-me-help-you-pick-the-perfect-gift If you want tp please someone with the perfect gift, contact me to help you select a super quality print on metal with vibrant color, high gloss finish and crisp detail. I will guaranty your satisfaction by refunding the full price and taking the photo print back if you are not happy with the product. Tell me what you want and, if I don't already have the image (I have thousands of images in stock), I will try to shoot it for you. Prices will range from $150 for a small print to $450 to $750 for a mid-size to $1,700 t0 $2,500 for the 48" to 60" wide prints. Price includes a floating frame. Shipping is extra. Reach me at jpoblocki@nyc.rr.com. I can also advise what will work if you send me a photo of the area where you want to hang a photo. Hope to be able to help you.

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I shoot people... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/11/i-shoot-people with my camera. I just don't show these anywhere. Sometimes the photos find their way to a corporate or personal website, but it's not the genre I want tp promote. I have a passion to shoot non-people images that drives me beyond reasonable. With people photos, referred to as portraits, I do what is needed to satisfy or even thrill the person. But please don't be offended if I don't put your photo on my website. It's me. Not you. 


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It's like finding a good home for that new litter of kittens... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/11/its-like-finding-a-good-home-for-that-new-litter-of-kittens I am asked why I don't sell my photos through my website. The platform I use is capable of processing orders, so why don't I use it? The reason is complicated. I'll try to explain. I have an emotional connection to each photo posted. It's something that has drawn me to take the photo and develop it to what I am pleased with. I want the buyer to understand this connection. I have sold over 20 pieces from the One Art Space Gallery show, all of them on aluminum. I have spoken about the photos with those who have bought them and it completes the process for me to know who the buyer is and why they have spent their hard earned money on my photo. I really can't explain it beyond that. It's sort of like finding a good home for your new litter of kittens.  Reflections looking up MadisonLooking up Madison

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Arizona is not very urban with its many images... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/11/arizona-is-not-very-urban-with-its-many-images but it's images are very similar in many ways. The rock formations remind me of big buildings. They have mass, height, width and catch light the same as a building. They are made of stone, as are many buildings. I love photographing rock formations with about the same passion as a big building or bridge. They are both inanimate, while buildings hold lives within themselves, rock formations are surrounded by life of different types, from trees to lizards, snakes and insects, blue berries to mosquitos. And photographing stops time for that instant, to preserve it forever, not matter whatever the subject. Antelope Canyon, Page ArizonaLooking straight up from the floor of Antelope Canyon, carved by rushing waters out of the sandstone beneath the Arizona desert

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A different perspective... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/11/a-different-perspective Living in one of the more interesting and dynamic cities in the world affords New York's many photographers endless opportunities to interpret the urban landscape. Being a transplant from a small New England town, Webster, Ma., perhaps I see things differently. My approach is to capture urban images in a way that is both stimulating and calming. The intent is to get others to visualize new ways to see the environment that surrounds them so that when they see my photographs, they might take away a different perspective. And I try to communicate using photography as a wordless language.


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Good enough? https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/9/good-enough Good enough is never good enough. A photograph is either perfect or it can't be used. There is no in between. I'm working on a project currently and I am having trouble creating the image I see with my mind. My camera is not cooperating and is giving me something I don't want. I will be returning to a location to reshoot for the 4th time later today. It's a difficult shot and I don't blame the camera. It's the user who isn't getting it right with low level lighting, bright points and tough focusing. I will get the right combination and it will be a great photo. I will share it when it is perfect. The attached photo is not the subject of this blog. It is what I wanted for that shot.

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A blank wall.... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/9/a-blank-wall A wall without art is a void in the tapestry of space. It is a day without music, a phone call not returned, an opportunity lost. A chance to say something when you don't. A smile not smiled. A sunset not seen. Don't accept blank walls and lost chances. Don't miss that sunset. 

jpoblocki@nyc.rr.com (NYUrbanImages by John Poblocki) https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/9/a-blank-wall Sat, 02 Sep 2017 17:00:33 GMT
So many thank you's to so many people.. https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/8/so-many-thank-yous-to-so-many-people This photo of the entrance to the pedestrian access across the Manhattan Bridge did not make it into the exhibit at One Art Space last week, but is worthy of some attention. It represents the close-up earthiness of the city and a beauty of it's own. From a distance, this may be the most beautiful New York City bridge at night. A photo to prove that did make it in. I'll post it shortly. But first, thank you to all 200+friends, family, associates, and strangers who found time to attend the solo exhibit at One Art Space gallery. It was a gratifying experience to say the least. Your enthusiasm and support means so much to me and convinces me that my decision to commit myself full-time to this was the right one. Both the fund raising and the sale of the large prints was way beyond expectation. Thank you is not sufficient, but that is what the English language gives us. I'll just say it over and over. Thank you.

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Solo gallery exhibit at One Art Space, 23 Warren Street NYC https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/8/solo-gallery-exhibit-at-one-art-space-23-warren-street-nyc I had no idea how much work and cost went into doing a gallery show of my photos. When One Art Space contacted me based only on their viewing my Instagram page, I was pretty surprised, but also flattered. So much so that I just plunged ahead without understanding the obligation. I suggested that we produce a show as a fund raiser for Parkinson's disease and Dan Giella, the owner of the gallery, immediately donated his resources and commissions, thereby increasing the potential of raising more money after expenses for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, to whom we will donate a portion of our proceeds. That just left the work and cost of shooting, processing, printing and installing the photographs, identifying and contacting several hundred potential attendees, getting refreshments, flowers, music,, labels and pricing, a brochure, etc. etc.. One Art Space has a great team of support and experience and I want to thank Dan Giella, Diego Ponce and Ishaat Hassain for their tremendous help in getting things done ahead of schedule. And my wife and partner in life, has been unbelievably supportive and helpful, which does not describe what she has done for this show. I would never try something like this without her.

Tonight is the reception and if you are reading this, you are invited. See the link. From 6 to 9 PM, 23 Warren Street, ground floor.


So when I was satisfied with the shots I had processed and saved, I had to select a lab to do enlarged metal prints, the only way I want to sell my photos. I looked at four labs in terms of capability, experience, dependability and location. I settled on a local lab and it was a good decision. There is comfort in using a lab where you can simply drop-in to check  on the work. The lab delivered the metal prints yesterday and we installed them immediately. 

There are 6 48x32, 1 60x40, 8 24x36, 1 26x24 and 1 12x12. And the facility lighting really brings out the best in these photos.

I would love to see you there tonight.


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Decisions, decisions... https://nyurbanimages.com/blog/2017/7/decisions-decisions I'm trying to decide if I should drop the online photo lab that offers to produce prints on my behalf for customers. They do very nice work, but I don't like that customers can go directly to the lab and I don't have the pleasure of speaking with them. My approach to customers is that I want to know what they are looking for in a photo. I can usually create that photo exactly as they want to see it. My photos are like little individually created stories that I take great pains to capture. Yes, I would rather you speak with me first so we can collaborate on a photo rather than have you select one that is already "on the shelf." Of course, after looking at my galleries on this website and at my Instagram page (#lakecharg), you can readily tell what genre I do. That would not be portraits, weddings or events. Don't even ask. Otherwise, anything that you see in the built or natural urban environment is fair game. So contact me. I will use an excellent local New York lab and strongly suggest metal prints because of the vibrancy and detail this medium can produce for my style of photography. No more expensive than a glass framed print, but much more real. Customers have described it as 3-D.

I think I have decided.


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