Experimenting photography

January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have a business friend who is looking for photographs for his business to which the public has access and he wants me to think outside the box for ideas on what and how to photograph. I am experimenting with some macro photos, one of which is shown here. You may or may not recognize the photo as the human body, or a portion thereof, macro photographed but out of focus. The idea is to draw interest to the photo but make the viewer think he or she knows what it is. The photo can actually be one of several body parts and might be sensual. It's just a fun play on the image. I will let you know his reaction. Either way, I want to explore this little experiment to see if it has any appeal.

Body part with jewelryA macro photo of part of the human body with jewelry. Unfocused to create interest.


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